The Outlook

Thinking is a great gift by God and it allows us to create imaginations, sometimes proper and efficient implication of those great ideas able to create a revolution.
There is a disease more trouble making than corona prevailing all over.
That disease manipulates your mind and heart to do the opposite of what is right or best for you.

Do you know about it yet?

I’m sure you don’t, 
Okay, if I say that this disease infects us several times in many situations of life.
Let’s have an example to make it more clear!


You know those factors which are going to be your keys to the locked doors of the dreams that are to be given the shape of reality.
But the obstruction-the disease comes into the picture, then it happens that your decision gets a flip and you do the opposite of what you’re gonna do i.e no struggle, no effort, procrastination, and many other worthless actions.

Thinking as a target…

Remember that your positivity should be much high in power to overcome the disease of “Akrasia” and in achieving this mindset plays an important role. Our thinking becomes 
a target.
Google philosophically defines it as the state of mind in which someone acts against their better judgment through weakness of will.
Positive and practical thinking is a powerful vaccine
to reduce the friction of getting started.
We all are commonly afraid of starting or initiating something.


Unnecessarily Thinking…

“How will it be?”, “not a good time and idea for starting”, “what if I can’t keep up with it?” etcetera are a few of the famous questions that arise in almost every person’s mind, and only the one having the answer to these doubts succeed.
A single answer to the multiple doubts is strong will power.
Your willpower plays a very crucial role and in the end, again everything is handled by your mindset.
Thinking defines the character and ability of an individual.

                                                                                                   (Penned by Tushar)

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