Everything just differs by perspective.

It is something that can change the meaning of any existence. One may be good for you but it’s not necessarily the same for someone.

When a child grows to an adult, perspectives develop. He/She can decide for them. Maybe the decision at that time not stay in favour. Later in life anywhere, anyhow it proves to be a great success which no one never expected.

We usually say everybody has their perspective towards anything because everyone has a different journey.

What does this actually mean?

The way an individual develops and grows with time and invest the most precious “time“, depends upon how he shaped his thoughts. 

The mind is trained through the situations that come in the way, the harder the situations survived, the stronger will be the mind and mental strength to design various perspectives for various pieces of life which are based upon past, beliefs and sources of motivation that we hold true, so those worth giving struggling escapades.

Generally, the concern is not about being right or wrong, strong or weak but it is more or less complicated.

Seeing things from different angles makes an individual more aware. Learning from the great people brings up the clarity of the journey on which our natural train is running.

Think of it…..!

Arguments part of the conversation due to dissimilar opinions. If everyone gets an equal say and others analyze their viewpoint then an ultimate perspective(a hybrid of all ) holds the flow.

Many people believe in exploring more than they know. They develop many different perspectives by being observational, analyzing and empathetic. 

The best way to expand vision is by learning from the mistakes of others. Giving some modifications according to our situation.

It’s known ….as the process goes on and on, the experiences increase, a positive and polite impact will be there………ego-  will be diminished, serenity wrap up the mind all over, things start seeming doable, the motivation will come from inside that is what every individual crave for………. this somehow completes the perspective of life. 

Perspective and Attitude are similar (…………not same………….).If you have a good perspective towards the happenings( good or bad), it means that you have a good attitude too.

Interestingly an individual having a positive attitude, definitely have a good perspective.

Our thinking has a great impact on personality.

Its the lens you see the world through.

Developing a perspective to initiate something will help in building up the attitude to turn the vision into actuality.

                                                                                                          (Penned by Tushar)

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