A very famous quote makes an analogy between procrastination and the credit card.

It indicates at the short term comforts and smoothness but uncertainty in the long term. It attributes to young actor Christopher Parker.

Being a procrastinator is very easy but procrastinating procrastination is a tough but manageable task.

 What procrastination means?

I’m sure you are familiar with it too

Let’s see how

So, one day an x person decides to do his daily task but like a week or more passed. He feels as if left with a bulk… Isn’t it a strange thing to think that a person is clear of the fact that delaying the work will return only mental pressure and disturbance in daily routine and some complimentary instability in every single task be finished?


A good zone is our uncomfortable zone.



 then Why after even knowing the consequences, people are lazy or say, dilly-dallier?

Well! let’s know some aspects related to why this phenomenon happens usually and one is unable to resist this:

The first cause of being a procrastinator is simply being a low confident individual. An obvious thing to notice is that confidence directly depends upon knowledge.

The person having more accurate stuff in his cerebrum, the more confidence will be there-with.

We can make a simple analogy to understand the phenomena of procrastination ;

suppose in a room there are two individuals- “A” and “B” living together, “A”  being very particular about his micro-jobs and disciplined but the second is just having ‘let it be’ attitude.

By the two outcomes, it can be expected either “A” will transform into “B’s” manner or “B” will transform with “A’s” methodologies. Ultimately the flip depends upon the affinity or internal stiffness(both the entities are opposite).

A person divert from his track only if somewhere in his brain- he is having that tendency or tilt towards that particular matter either good or bad.

Another factor that we can consider is time inconsistency. It reflect the human tendency to think and value the future outcomes by taking the present things in a light manner. One should not follow it.



Will you…???



More about it!!

Procrastination is not controllable. It is to be finished from the root.

Creating more methods to solve a particular problem focuses the brain to concentrate upon innovations. Many people fail to do and it is pretty common to occur. If analyzed concisely leads to an unknown type of procrastination towards innovative developments.

Okay, so continuing the voyage of being a procrastinator, I would like to tell a fun fact about it. People like x have their brains more occupied (High occupancy with the bulk of unsettled things) than usual people, the reason is clear.




Calculative Analysis

Steel’s formula known as the “Temporal Motivation Theory” measures procrastination as of Albert Einstein’s equation for energy,  E = mc^2. It objectifies the person’s tendency of succeeding at a given task (E) or self-confidence.

The value of completing the task (V), its immediacy or availability [Gamma (Γ)], and the person’s sensitivity to delay (D) to come up with the desirability of the task (Utility).

 Utility = E x V / Γ x D



At the end 

There is a need for an action plan and more prior is to be consistent with the daily targets. If the will is strong and unshakable to make a change then consistency is the key.

Initially, things seem unfavorable but soon become the strength to give a happy ending.

[Penned by Tushar]

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