What can you think of the interesting title?

“The Written Form”

Basically the motive behind this name was to be able to present and delineate every incident, even the micro-moments, achievements, the great losses, and the variety of emotions a person can have in a variety of situations in different phases of life.

Actually what happens with us is we all can think of the things (just in the form of assumptions) which are going to happen or had happened or happening around !

Those some components if get a written form

will be much helpful for many of the same kind.

Importance of written form

First and the most prior one is to give written form to the things and goals that you have decided for yourselves to achieve in life as soon as possible with your full dedication and honesty.

Second paramount component is to pen down the strategic strategies you’re gonna follow to reach the end of the journey of your dream.

Third most important aspect to write down is the sources you have in hand which can at least catalyse the process of your efforts.

The last but not the least is to have commitment with yourself to stay stuck to your decisions.

Infact if observed seriously then obviously a person’s memory is not that much sharp to retain each and every important event, schedules etcetera.

Thus having it written down somewhere will be more convenient.

person holding a pen , highlighting the importance of the written form.

The Written Form in common 

Professionals keep the records of their work and progress.

Students have the weapon as the written form of their academics and self growth abilities.

Many other industries expand their network.

In the early time too, the letter culture kept everyone attached.

Reading news by almost every age group.

“Remember one thing that you are the author of your life, so be wise with it and you.”

a girl writing on blackboard.
We wrote…….!


If “The Written Form” in itself clarifies that anything can have a written form whether its a random word written on a chit or a long context written in a complete book, it is in general the written form of something or may be someone.

 No one can contend the supremacy of writing.

For centuries,

writing topples down governments, win many hearts and relieves a broken soul.

Writing is used not just to entertain but also for economical and political reasons.

We can dip it into the category of R and R (rest and recreation).

But the foremost power of writing is how it impacts the person’s mind and heart. This tiny fact of noting down and writing can get anyone’s admiration, one can never imagine. You won’t realize how much power you have when you write.

Writing gives you the confidence that people usually crave for. It is through writing that you are not obstructed with any kind of uncertainty to express what you feel and what you want to convey  others.

At the end…

If you know how to write, you will be familiar with words and alphabets to read them and hence the overall communication will be smooth enough.

Think of the capability that we are able to design our thoughts in the form of alphabets. Which further will give out the whole picturization of our mind as its written form.

A person can travel through one’s imaginations only because the written form presented by the author is expressive and conveying enough to make someone relate completely.

The power of words is that one can feel through, what others feel.

Just the right interpretation is important.

Clarity and relatability are the forces that can either push or pull the reader.

The two components are actually directly proportional to the attention of the reader.

(Penned by Tushar)