Know The Truth

Truth is not just the opposite of lie,  along with its practical significance , 
it has much more to describe.
In fact it is one of the mind catching topic in various 
contexts , philosophy,  theology and science.
We can consider truth as the relational property including a
 characteristic relation (to be specified) to some portion
 of reality (to be specified). This basic thought
has been expressed in many  different ways, giving rise to an
 extended family of theories and, more often, theory sketches. 
It is something that can be expressed but not to the fullest
 about the abstract meanings it holds practically,
diving deep into its perpetual properties , think and emit that truth 
has its existence independent of mind.
 Enriched with some vital nutrients
 such as sincerity, compassion, empathy, fidelity, and the 
foremost one “veracity’, which defines it somewhat properly,
to highlight the greater aspects, many mind convincing theories 
are there such as the correspondence theory of truth, 
deflationary or minimalist theories, coherence theory, pragmatic theory 
and many more to fall in love with being a true individual.
Truth and falsehood are relative terms, obviously everyone 
knows and understands this comparison ,
it actually works upon “if” which holds a powerful meaning here!

“Complexity is there in truth!”

Humans have also made another type of it, which is 
very common among us i.e the fake one: I think of it as the 
truth which is being created at the moment, only in words to 
get rid of a trapping sitch.
Basically, if an individual is truly true then true will happen .
 definitely the truth lies within the soul of a person, 
 its the modifications we make to alter it with some components of dishonesty, 
thus decreasing its real time impact.
(Written by Tushar)


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